4 Ways to Track Your Sales​

1. The URL​

Give your customer this URL.

[affiliate_referral_url url=””]

When they click on it, open the page, and buy, the commissions will be credited to you automatically.

If you would like a URL like, then please request [email protected]

2. Your ID #​

IF the customer did NOT visit the buy page through the special URL above, they will see this field during the checkout. Give the Customer your ID #, to enter into this field, and the commission will be tracked to you.

Your ID # is: [affiliate_id]

3. Coupon Code​


If you would like a coupon code for a different amount, please request so at [email protected]

This is a unique Coupon Code, that if used, will track the sale to you.

The Standard Coupon Code will give the customer a $100 discount for the first 3 months ($300 total)

Please note, you will get 50% commissions on whatever the customer pays (i.e. your commissions will be 50% of $197 the first 3 months).

The Coupon Code is a great option to close the sale “now and not later” (because if they sign up now while you are there, you don’t have to follow up later). Remind them that they have a 14 day “All your money back” option if they want to cancel.

4. Just incase

Incase for some reason your sales do not get tracked with the above 3 methods, we will see in our backend if anyone has registered that was not tracked, and we can manually link them to you and credit the commission to you.

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