Affiliate Sales Partner Policies

Email policy

Anyone wishing to do e-mail marketing (including sending unsolicited messages through social networks, local directories, Etsy, etc.), please take special note of the following policy:

E-mails and written letters to a cold audience (meaning someone you have never spoken with before) must adhere to the following:

1) not be sent from an email that is branded with the Bexolutions name

2) not include any links to Bexolutions websites or channels 

3) not include the name of Bexolutions

This is done in order to protect our name and reputation from anyone considering cold emails to be spam.

If someone you email replies with interest, you may at the time of course reveal information branded with Bexolutions.

For more tips and ideas, read the “Roadmap Guidebook” in the Sales Material section.

Support policy

At Bexolutions, we have decided to take an active part in influencing the future of life on Earth.

Therefore we have a non-supportive policy of the following industries.

  • Animal slaughter: This policy includes the non-support of industries that raise and sell animals for slaughter or are involved in the distribution of animal products.
  • Weapons manufacturers and sale of armaments.
  • Alcohol distilleries and distribution, including bars and nightclubs.
  • Tobacco manufacture and distribution.Gambling establishments and casinos.
  • Anti environmental industries such as deforestation, mining, chemical manufacturing, pollution, etc. This is a large grey area and we indicate the obvious ones.

Inheritance policy

We understand that no one reaches success alone. We need support from family and friends to achieve anything.

Therefore, your success at Bexolutions also indirectly involves the active support of your closest family members.

For this reason, we would like to give you the possibility to pass on your recurring commissions. If anything should happen to you in terms of being physically incapable or in case of passing away, Bexolutions will pay out your commissions as long as any customers you enrolled continue to pay.

This means the clause in the commission’s agreement that payouts will stop a maximum of one year from ceasing to be an active sales affiliate is waived. Let us know who you legally authorize as your next of kin, and we will keep it on record.

Extended leave or retirement

Recurring commissions can reach a point where you have enough money coming in each month to live on. Maybe you have reached an age where you want to retire from work, or it might be time for that long-awaited extended vacation or to start that project you always wanted.

Under these circumstances, we offer a waiver of our “active sales affiliate policy,” which states that, under normal conditions, your commissions and license to sell will expire if no new sales are made within 2 months, and your recurring commissions will stop after a maximum of one year.

You can apply for a waiver of this policy when you have a minimum of 25 active clients. Under the terms of the waiver, your commissions will continue indefinitely, and your sales affiliate account access will remain active.

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